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Because obviously we have to get in on this ultimate showdown of Human vs Beer, on Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th of October we will be throwing a Grand Warpigs Oktoberfest Bash. Yes, you heard it right: 2 entire days dedicated to this Holy Mutter of beer celebrations!



To stay true to tradition, our German assistant brewer Philipp Heist is brewing a delicious thirst quenching Märzen just for the occasion. This festbier tops right at 5,6% and will be served in giant 1 liter steins from kick off on Thursday until the Friday at 9pm, while our kitchen will also be serving a Bavaria meat special to be paired along with it.



So strap on your lederhosen and keep an eye out on social media (here and here) because there will be steins, there will be meat, there will be beer, and let’s not forget the obligatory German oompah songs.


Will we see you there?