Authentic Texas BBQ and American Style beer
WarPigs has a very informal approach to food and beer. Everything is cooked and brewed, just next to our guests. With a lot of activity and events happening everyday, we want people to just come by to eat, drink and hang out whenever they feel like it. In true BBQ tradition we do sell out most nights. This is the result of slow low smoking and hungry guests. Come early to make sure you get your favorite cuts and sides.
Bookings in the restaurant is therefore only available for groups of minimum 8 people. The procedure: You are 8 or more friends that choose from the WarPigs grand dining menu and email to set your date and servings. Be aware that we only take reservations at least 72 hours before your visit and the reservation is only completed after you received an email confirmation from us.

Drink at Warpigs


1Warpigs: Snack Family
2Warpigs: First Resort
3Warpigs: Lazurite
4Warpigs: Slippery Slope
5WarPIgs: Moonbase of Filth
6Warpigs: Salmon Pants
7Warpigs/KHDK: Ghoul Screamer
8Warpigs: Scarf Squad
9Warpigs: Fast Pace
10Warpigs: Dart King
11Warpigs: Booty Call
12Warpigs: Iron Dice
13Warpigs: CAPS LOCK (Nitro)
14Warpigs: Parrothead Heart Attack
15Hill Farmstead: Florence
16Hill Farmstead: Anna
17Hill Farmstead: Arthur
18WarPigs: Zawr Puss
19Warpigs: Peach Gose(t)
20Warpigs: Double Mads Hands
21Warpigs/18th Street: Sheet Cake
22WarPigs: Ken Lee's Demise
1Warpigs: Snack Family12Warpigs: Iron Dice
2Warpigs: First Resort13Warpigs: CAPS LOCK (Nitro)
3Warpigs: Lazurite14Warpigs: Parrothead Heart Attack
4Warpigs: Slippery Slope15Hill Farmstead: Florence
5WarPIgs: Moonbase of Filth16Hill Farmstead: Anna
6Warpigs: Salmon Pants17Hill Farmstead: Arthur
7Warpigs/KHDK: Ghoul Screamer18WarPigs: Zawr Puss
8Warpigs: Scarf Squad19Warpigs: Peach Gose(t)
9Warpigs: Fast Pace20Warpigs: Double Mads Hands
10Warpigs: Dart King21Warpigs/18th Street: Sheet Cake
11Warpigs: Booty Call22WarPigs: Ken Lee's Demise
1Warpigs: Snack Family9Warpigs: Fast Pace17Hill Farmstead: Arthur
2Warpigs: First Resort10Warpigs: Dart King18WarPigs: Zawr Puss
3Warpigs: Lazurite11Warpigs: Booty Call19Warpigs: Peach Gose(t)
4Warpigs: Slippery Slope12Warpigs: Iron Dice20Warpigs: Double Mads Hands
5WarPIgs: Moonbase of Filth13Warpigs: CAPS LOCK (Nitro)21Warpigs/18th Street: Sheet Cake
6Warpigs: Salmon Pants14Warpigs: Parrothead Heart Attack22WarPigs: Ken Lee's Demise
7Warpigs/KHDK: Ghoul Screamer15Hill Farmstead: Florence 
8Warpigs: Scarf Squad16Hill Farmstead: Anna 
1Warpigs: Snack Family7Warpigs/KHDK: Ghoul Screamer13Warpigs: CAPS LOCK (Nitro)19Warpigs: Peach Gose(t)
2Warpigs: First Resort8Warpigs: Scarf Squad14Warpigs: Parrothead Heart Attack20Warpigs: Double Mads Hands
3Warpigs: Lazurite9Warpigs: Fast Pace15Hill Farmstead: Florence21Warpigs/18th Street: Sheet Cake
4Warpigs: Slippery Slope10Warpigs: Dart King16Hill Farmstead: Anna22WarPigs: Ken Lee's Demise
5WarPIgs: Moonbase of Filth11Warpigs: Booty Call17Hill Farmstead: Arthur 
6Warpigs: Salmon Pants12Warpigs: Iron Dice18WarPigs: Zawr Puss 
Our hand-welded brewery has the capacity to brew 250.000 liters of beer per year. Everything that can be manually operated on this scale is in fact done manually. This gives our Head brewer Kyle Wolak and Assistant brewer Lan-Xin Foo the opportunity to refine the beers down to the smallest details. When two front-runners like 3Floyds and Mikkeller team up, it means there are no compromises made on anything. We are always refreshing our 20 taps with new beer. Our tap list above is updated daily.

SODA from Main Root

For the little ones or big ones that are more soda thirsty we have a broad selection of bottomless soda. For 6 years, Maine Root´s Fair Trade Certified and organically sweetened Sodas have been creating fans from New England to Texas. And now also here in Copenhagen. As the only place in Denmark, WarPigs offer these tasty pops on our big soda fountain.

Eat at Warpigs

From the States we bring to you Andrew Hroza, one of those master chefs who has done everything from catering Hell´s kitchen to feeding Slipknot and Van Halen. Through touring with bands he has tried barbecue all over the world, training his smoked pallet to perfection. The meat will be smoked between 12-14 hours to ensure that the meat will be so tender that it simply falls apart. We have two gigantic high quality smokers, the biggest in Europe, that can smoke up to 2 tons of meat a day. 
on our tables you’ll find Our amazing homemade sauces. We won’t share the recipe with you but you can always buy a bottle to bring home!
Alabama Creamy bbq sauce with black pepper, horseradish, and a vinegary bite.  Recommendation for chicken and brisket.
Texas Spicy bbq sauce made with house lambic and cranberries. Recommendation for links, brisket, beef ribs.
Kansas City Sweet bbq sauce with layers of spices like cloves and allspice. Recommendation for spareribs and pork shoulder.
Carolina Sweet mustard based bbq sauce.  Recommendation for pork shoulder and hot links.