Brewing with Voodoo Day 1

Today and tomorrow we’ll be brewing with Voodoo Brewing Co. We’re brewing a porter today and we’re so excited to taste the (…)

Ghoul Screamer Limited Ed. Tee

Come get our new Ghoul Screamer tee shirt made to commemorate our just released, Kirk Hammett approved Earl Grey Pilsner; check KHDK’s (…)

Ghoul Screamer Pilsner

Our collab with KHDK will be on tap this Monday! The brew is an Earl Grey Pilsner with notes of bergamot, citrus and light (…)

British Invasion 1/8/17

Beware, The British are coming! The past few years a lot happened on the UK beer scene and we are now more (…)

Our very own, Lan-Xin Foo

In their June edition, Thirst Magazine wrote a very interesting exclusive on women in the brewing industry. The article features five brilliant minds who are (…)

WarPigs Deli Opening

After spending the last 2 years dialing in our bbq at WarPigs, we decided to keep pushing our smokers.  Now with our (…)

WarPigs X Örebro Collab

Tomorrow we’ll be brewing with Swedish Brewery Örebro. We’ll be making a barrel fermented saison and we bought these four new red (…)

22/02/17 Black Ivory Release

  The Black Ivory Coffee Stout is a an excellent example of how passionate people can join forces in the name of (…)

We’re tanking up

Big thing are happening at WarPigs. Not only are we serving more beer than ever in house a lot of bars and (…)

04/02/17 Crowling out of WarPigs

We have some exciting news at WarPigs. We’ve recently installed a Crowler system in the bar (!!!). If you’ve never heard of (…)

12/01/17 Minus ‘X’ Days

Here at WarPigs the thing we love the most is fresh hoppy beers, and frankly we cannot get it fresh enough and (…)