WarPigs x Stigbergets Collab & Tap Take Over

This 25th of January, the renowned crazy Swedes from Stigbergets Bryggeri are coming to WarPigs from Göteborg for an epic tap takeover and collab brewing session!

They’ll be taking over half our board, and fellow brewers Simon and Oli from Stigbergets will work together with Lan-Xin on a collaboration brew that we already can’t wait to taste. And because the more the merrier, the craft beer and metal legend Barnaby Struve will be flying in from the states to join the brewing (dream) team for the day

Final tap list for the Stigbergets beers:
First Stout On The Moon
Flamingo Juice
New & Improved
Apa Amarillo Citra
Trouble Sleep Imp. Stout

Other details will be revealed gradually during the days preceding the event, so if you don’t like missing a beat, keep your peepers peeled and follow the news over here

See at you WarPigs, for beers, metal and bbq?