WarPigs Deli Opening

After spending the last 2 years dialing in our bbq at WarPigs, we decided to keep pushing our smokers.  Now with our new WarPigs Deli we have been able to keep experimenting with smoke.  Being as WarPigs is all about meat we wanted to expand the selections with our deli smoked turkey, maple smoked bacon, cold smoked salami, etc.  
With the model we started at Warpigs of wanting to create everything from scratch.  Working with our ultra talented Pastry Chef Milton on a signature American style hoagie rolls and all the other topping.  We now can very confident to offer Copenhagen a chance to get a real American style deli sandwiches from our Deli.  Open every Friday and Saturday from 12 on. 
The current menu is:
All served with salt and vinegar chips and a dill pickle
Gobblin’ King     65-
Smoked turkey, house maple bacon, gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo
Taurus’ Revenge    65-
Rare Roast Beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, lettuce, horseradish mayo
Porcine of Interest   65-
Smoked Ham, Mortadella, Capricola, emmentaler cheese, lettuce, tomato, dijon mayo
Meat Haters Delight   65-
Roasted red peppers, olive tapenade, farmers cheese, lettuce, tomato, vinaigr