3/3/17 Mikkeller HELP Day @ WarPigs

HELP, the new Mikkeller pale ale with a social conscience.

On Friday the 3rd of March we will be part of series of events in Copenhagen where the HELP pale ale will be released for everyone to enjoy.

All profits from the sale of HELP will fund safe spaces for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, in a collaborative project between Mikkeller and the Danish refugee council

The idea for the project was seeded when Mikkeller saw a photo series of the refugee children’s plight by Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman. “We can debate refugee problems all we want, but when one sees these photos it is obvious what the essence is and how vast the contrast is between our own children and lives,” says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.

This project is very important to us and we want to invite you to be a part of it and help getting the message out.
What better occasion to boost the social conscience than by drinking HELP with your friends!

The beer will be available from kl. 14:00.