04/02/17 Crowling out of WarPigs

We have some exciting news at WarPigs. We’ve recently installed a Crowler system in the bar (!!!). If you’ve never heard of these it’s basically a can growler, which means you can now buy WarPigs beers in one liter cans, straight from the tap and have it sealed in the bar right in front of your eyes. This makes your beer stay fresh much longer than an ordinary growler.

To celebrate our new favorite toy, we will launch it this Saturday with an exclusive offer. 1 crowler with any big pour WarPigs beers on tap for only 100,- DKK.

AND on this special occasion we’re gonna release our very new NE IPA, Cumulus Humulus. This is the most hoppy beer our brewers have ever made. But be here early as we’ve only got 1 keg plus a handful of bottles. This is a beer you don’t want to miss.

So come and stock your fridge up for the weekend.

*Crowlers are only sold for take away purposes and cannot be consumed in the bar.