18/1 – WarPigs Pop ups Presents: Øl og Brød!

From the darkest corner of Vesterbro’s finer district WarPigs brings you the kitchen behind the total melt down of traditional danish smørrebrød – Øl og Brød! Monday the 18th of January the kitchen will be taken over by Copenhagens foremost sandwich loving living restaurant, where the opened faced sandwich and aquavit is being twisted and gourged like nothing you’ve seen or tasted. We had a chat and here is what they said.

– When it comes to smørrebrød the smoked part is the one that reminds you a bit about the BBQ tradition. But when we use smoke we normally use it for some of the garnish. Smoked potato is fairly common in the smørrebrøds kitchens around Copenhagen. And of course smoked fish is also a classic when it comes to smørrebrød. But this time we are going to do a one off and space out on a kind of puffy pastry – The Tartelet. She is the nasty sister to smørrebrød, so off course she smokes! We will be serving her with smoked brisket, pickled slightly cooked cabbage and onions which will be tenderly heated together with the smoked meat sauce and finally put in the tartelet.

Mmm, and beer?

– The most common beer for smørrebrød is cold pilsner but we know more.. and better.

It all starts at 1700 and ends when it’s sold out, so be sure to get here in time – because smørrebrød waits for no one!