1/2 – Warpigs pop ups presents: Verandah

Monday the 1st of February WarPigs will play the scene of an age old kitchen born out of spices and coal. Verandah bids the people of Copenhagen the experience of fine dining Indian subcontinental cuisine. It’s international family of Michelin star sister restaurants tells the tale of a kitchen blessed beyond the likings of any hindu gods, with food interpreted from the real chefs of India: the women in Indian homes.

– In India we have an age old tradition of ‘barbecuing’ meats, vegetables and cheese and baking bread. We use the pot shaped clay oven with coals at the bottom called the tandoor up in the north of the country and the coal grill called a ‘sigdi’. The tandoor creates temperatures ranging from 200C to 400C which results in delicious naan breads and succulent yet smoky meats. We will replicate these flavours at WarPigs and showcase a chicken and paneer ‘kathi’ roll – lip smacking Indian street food delicacies!

All of these fantastic dishes on one tray for the fantastic price of 125 dkk!

Aloo chaat- a favorite street food made with crisp fried potatoes and chick peas topped with yogurt and sweet tamarind chutney

Chicken tikka- succulent morsels of chicken marinated with garam masala and cooked in the traditional clay oven ‘tandoor’

Paneer tikka- home made cottage cheese marinated with chilies and carom seeds and cooked in the tandoor

Duck seekh kebab- skewered minced duck kebab with traditional Indian spices, cooked in the tandoor

Kathi roll- a classic wrap of char grilled meats in a soft Indian bread with mint chutney and salad

Service starts at 1700, see you then!

verandah collage 4