WarPigs New Year Feast

No need to look any further – New year’s will of course be best served at WarPigs. The evening to honor, our chefs special cut features Lobster Eating Steak and from the bar and barrel room golden and dark streams will be flowing like tomorrows another year! Heavy heat will come off the smokers as the kitchen prepare for a BBQ evening worthy of reinstating the Mayan calendar.

The dining room will host all who wants to see other people engage in surf n’ turf bonanza – and parties of over 8 can rest assure that there will be room for them when booking a table. Grab your best and baddest, check the grand menu and email booking@warpigs-website.kvali.live to set you evening.

The occult new years resolution for chosen eyes only are directed to the General’s room and Barrel room and in the darkness thou shall feast. For the most private of dining go to booking.

collage private dining black

The Thursday tour goes New Years edition and gives you special treat as well as exploring the dark-deed-corners of WarPigs to start off the evening in grand manners.

Save your seat for the tour and tasting here – The Thursday tour New Year’s edition

Special cut – Lobster Eating Steak
Steak 1/2 lb 180 dkr, 1 lb 350 dkr
Lobster 1/2 225 dkr, 1/1 400 dkr